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21 – 22 October 2022

Tour #1

A treasure chest of 2000 years of history and art:
The Basilica of St Clement


The most extraordinary example in Rome of the superimposition of sacred buildings on pagan ones, on three levels: from the underground rooms of the Roman domus, with the mysterious mitreo, to the lower basilica, from the 4th century, with its extraordinary frescoes, up to the upper basilica, with the grandiose 12th century mosaic in the apse and the frescoes by Masolino and Masaccio.

Tour #2

The jewels of the ancient Lateran.
The Chapel of the Sancta Sanctorum, S. Giovanni in Laterano and the Lateran Baptistery


The ancient private chapel of the popes, for centuries considered the holiest place on earth for Christians. We will discover together the secrets of its ancient medieval decoration and those of the first baptistery of Christianity.

The oldest basilica in the West to be built is the Cathedral of Rome, the seat of the city’s bishop, i.e. the pope. Constantine in 318 AD decided to build it on the remains of the barracks of the equites singulares. From the mosaics in the apse by Torriti, to the cloister by Vassalletto, to the frescoes by Giotto, to the ingenious rearrangement of the naves by Borromini and the reconstruction of the 18th-century façade by Galilei.

Tour #3

S. Cecilia and Trastevere, the people’s district


The itinerary begins in the beautiful church of St Cecilia, shrouded in its medieval charm. We will visit the exceptional frescoes on the counter-façade by Cavallini and the splendid underground vaults where St Cecilia was martyred. We will then go into the heart of the alleys of the merchants and craftsmen, especially the ‘Genoese nation’, passing their representative churches, amidst incredible legends and ancient trades.

Tour #4

Michelangelo’s Moses:
‘The Tragedy of the Burial’ The Basilica of St Peter in Chains


A veritable treasure trove of wonders and mysteries in the Renaissance Rome of Pope Julius II and Michelangelo. Founded as a Eudoxian basilica in 422 AD, it became the personal and favourite church of Julius II, a great devotee of the cult of Peter’s chains, still in situ. His greatest masterpiece, however, is Michelangelo’s Moses, what remains of Julius II’s monumental tomb, originally conceived for St Peter’s in the Vatican.

The itinerary can be extended, if you are not only interested in the basilica, also to the Rione Monti, continuing along Via delle Sette Sale to S. Martino ai Monti, and then descending towards Via Cavour, meeting the surviving medieval towers of Rome and the characteristic streets of the Suburra, the most popular district of ancient Rome.

Tour #5

The Baroque: a journey head over heels.
The story of a centuries-old rivalry, Bernini and Borromini

The most striking domes and trompe l’oeil in Rome through the most spectacular Baroque churches. From S. Andrea al Quirinale by Bernini to S. Carlino alle Quattro Fontane by Borromini, from S. Maria della Vittoria, where in the Cornaro chapel Bernini created one of his greatest masterpieces, the ecstasy of S. Teresa d’Avila.

Tour #6

Power Games and Marriage Politics:
The Doria Pamphilj Gallery


Overlooking Via del Corso stands the most imposing of Rome’s noble palaces, which reached its peak in the 17th century, when the collection was formed. Many of the world’s most famous masterpieces are still preserved in their original location: Caravaggio’s “Rest on the Flight into Egypt” and “Penitent Magdalene”, Raphael’s “Double Portrait”, Velázquez’s “Portrait of Innocent X”, landscapes by Domenichino, Carracci, Lorrain, and many others. A unique opportunity to relive the splendours of seventeenth-century Rome through the history of one of the most powerful families of the time.

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23 October 2022




9: 00 a.m. | Departure by private coach from Rome to Castelgandolfo

10:30 a.m. | Guided tour of the Apostolic Palace

11:30 a.m. | Guided tour of the Gardens of the Pontifical Villas

1:30 p.m. | Lunch at Antiquarium (special private opening for Uniapac)

3:30 p.m. | Return to Rome by private coach


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