Social Events

Paolo VI Foyer Hall
Piazza Sant’Uffizio
00165 Roma


Paolo VI Foyer Hall (Thursday, October 20th)

The foyer space is in front of  the Aula Nervi .

Commissioned by Pope Paul VI in 1963, the Papal Audience Hall in Vatican City was inaugurated in 1971. Shortly afterwards, both the hall and the architect achieved such worldwide fame that the auditorium was familiarly called Aula Nervi.


Palazzo Orsini Taverna (Friday, October 21st)

The Palazzo Taverna, located in Via di Monte Giordano, in the heart of Rome, between Piazza Navona and Castel Sant’Angelo, was erected in the 15th century on the ruins of Giordano Orsini’s fortress (mentioned by Dante, Inf. XVIII,99), from where the Orsinis dominated the area as far as the banks of the Tiber.

The palace has since then been the reference point for the family’s ‘representative’ policy. It was the residence of ambassadors and cardinals (Ippolito d’Este received Bernardo and Torquato Tasso there; Cardinal Luciano Bonaparte, Napoleon’s great-grandson, hosted the Empress Eugenia and his father Gioacchino Belli, who entertained guests with his sonnets). Purchased by Maurizio di Savoia, who did his best to embellish it, it passed in the early 1600s to the Gabriellis, who made changes to it, giving it its present appearance; finally, the last change of ownership was in favour of the Taverns.

A short climb, through the high portal, leads to the picturesque courtyard; in front is an elegant fountain by A. Casoni (1615), consisting of four successive basins and surrounded by a thick exedra of laurel, characterising one of the most secret and peculiar corners of Rome. Immediately to the right, at the far end, are 19th-century buildings in medieval and Renaissance style. With the ‘Augusta Tower’ (1880) and a large hall, on the opposite side, through an architraved Renaissance portal, one arrives at a beautiful courtyard with an external staircase, a portico and three large arches on columns with fine capitals (15th century) and an upper loggia, partly walled up.

Inside, in the large reception rooms on the piano nobile, in addition to the valuable period furniture, one can admire the collections of paintings by Sebastiano Ricci and Rosa da Tivoli.

Palazzo Taverna Orsini
Via di Monte Giordano, 36