Friday October 21st

Private Audience with the Holy Father

Dear Participant,

Welcome to the XXVII UNIAPAC World Congress « Courage to Change ».

UNIAPAC has had an extraordinary path that went over most of the principles and values of the Social Doctrine of the Church which ended, with the magnificent idea of the Holly Father on the Noble Vocation that is the best definition of the role of the entrepreneur.  Now it is the time to prepare us for the noble result of this Noble Vocation which we all are aware that is the human person. To do this enormous change we do have to change our way of living within our companies, the relations between leaders and employees, the dignified salary, the participation of all in the decisions that affect their lives, the relation with the environment, the responsibility towards future generations and finally the great objective of any human being in his life which is a path towards happiness: “Courage to Change”. It is this courage to change that will allow us to truly make the moves that are needed to come to the new way of facing the economic challenges and it is only by changing truly the way of living into the companies that we will be able to achieve that new economy.

UNIAPAC aspires to be recognized worldwide by its distinct promotion of business as a noble vocation. A vocation that is noble means that we are blessed with something extraordinary, but it also means that we have an enormous responsibility to ensure that our noble vocation will produce noble results.

The concepts analyzed by the XXVII World Congress of UNIAPAC provide that emphasis of UNIAPAC’s call for a personal and collective transformation of entrepreneurs, governments and representatives of civil society in the construction of a more prosperous, fair and inclusive economy.

Bruno Bobone
Uniapac International